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Today is a different story as yesterday.  Agriculture sector has been cultivating over the years and plays a vital contribution to the State’s economic development. Eco-Agro tourism is an exciting addition to Melaka’s attraction and provides another facet of this fascinating State. Visitors who come to tour around our Historical Melaka are encouraged to make a visit to view our recreational parks, agricultural parks and farms where they will gain a first-hand experience of our Mother Nature. Moreover, spending their leisurely day amidst the greenery of the various parks and farms is an aspect which should not be missed whereas accommodations are provided with different comfortable chalets and outdoor camp sites.

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Melaka is a city, which made for merchandise with the status as trading heaven in a new kind of way.  Melaka had been developing in a great trading empire in the past century till now and it offers a wide array of shopping places for the visitors. Melaka has various shopping places, which diverse from modern shopping to hypermarkets, from shop lots to boutiques, from handicraft centre to antique shops and lastly, from roadside to night markets. These places will give visitors pleasant shopping experiences with more exciting and worthwhile. We can be sure that Melaka is a shopping paradise, which will catch your first-sight attention. Start shop now until you drop!


If you get to understand, the information provides about the recreation and sports session of this book, we believe you will never want to miss any of the activities provided in Melaka. Melaka offer endless activities such as nature parks, theme parks, animal farms, hill resorts as well as island for the visitors. You may take a pleasure time to spend for challenging golf courses, host of water and traditional sports around Melaka with your families and friends during your stay.


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Government has extensively in introducing a special programme for the foreigners who have expressed a desire to stay in Melaka for a long period or perhaps retire here. Melaka My Second Home is a programme offered to the foreign citizens all over the world along with their families regardless, of age, race, religion and gender. Melaka is an ideal state with consistent growth, political stability, racial harmony with friendly people will absolutely provides quality residences. This programme is allows successful applicants to retire or reside in melaka as long as possible on a social visit pass with multiple entry visa  which is initially valid for five years and renewable.

There are certain requirements, which need to comprise before committing into this programme where as foreigner is compulsory to have a minimum fixed deposits of RM 150, 000 placed in a local bank, a monthly offshore income of RM 7,000 for single applicant, and RM 10, 000 for a married couple. However, for the applicant who is above 50 years old will only need to comply with one criterion of the other. Medical report is one of the documents, which need to submit approval from any recognized hospital in Malaysia.

Melaka has a great deal to offer to the foreigners with the highest standard of living in Asia yet with a low level of cost maintaining. Melaka My Second Home programme has offers several privileges to the applicants in consuming properties or land at a very affordable price.


Government Support

Melaka My Second Home Programme has officially organized and supported by the Government of Melaka and therefore foreigners should not be anxious about the stability of this programmes whereas Government will continuously in exerting and ensuring the success.


Melaka is situated on the South-Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the Straits of Melaka. It has a strategic location where The North-South Expressway is allowable for the travelers an easy accessible highway from other states into Melaka. It takes about two hours to travel by road from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Melaka and approximately 3 hours from Singapore to Melaka.

Standard of Living

Melaka is one of the idealistic regions, which provide highest standard living with modern infrastructure and facilities.

Cost of Living

Do not worry about the cost! Melaka is one of the lowest costs of standard living in Asia. This cost of living will maintain throughout a long period as Government is monitoring the economy efficiently and effectively.  Therefore, you can enjoy the living in Melaka comfortable and lavishness.


Melaka is generally has a warm and sunny weather with moderate rain through-out the year. It has a temperature, which ranges from 23 C to 33 C with humidity around 82%. 


Melaka comprises a multi-ethnic race such as Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, Baba and Nyonya, Portuguese and more. Melaka is well known for the friendly and polite community and will never forget to give a lending hand wherever you need it.





Melaka offers comparable medical services with any other developed countries. Besides than then government hospital, several excellent private medical specialists centre for medical treatments to the public. You just can turn to the hundreds of clinics run by general practitioners as well as district hospitals and clinics for the treatment of common ailments and diseases. We always want to ensure that you are feeling better with the best medical and natural healing.


Melaka emphasize strongly in the education system and continue to promote better education to the people with sophisticated multimedia technology. Although Melaka is a small dimension of state but it has abundant of space for learning in several universities, high schools, technical colleges, medical colleges and religious schools.


Melaka is a popular Foods Paradise with the tradition cuisines made up from rich and colorful diversity of Malays, Chinese, Indian, Nyonyas, Portuguese and more. You definitely will never want to miss out trying each other the culinary that delightful portrays each of the races origins from Melaka people. You can find these luscious and culinary delights from any of the stalls and restaurants located in Melaka.


Lastly, if you have decided to join for The Melaka My second Home programme, then it may be the time for you to look for suitable and comfortable residence available. Melaka is growing extensively in developing quality residences such as terrace and semi-detached houses, bungalows, apartments and condominiums. Therefore, you have plenty preferable residences, which you can select as your DREAM HOME….

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