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Melaka, which known as the Nations leading State for research and development in the industry of biotechnologies, medical, business, scientific, technology and industrial communities. The natural resourceless Melaka is located on the West Coast Peninsular Malay.sia facing the Straits of Melaka. Standing in between the states of Negeri Sembilan and Johor, it is divided into three districts, which are Alor Gajah, Central Melaka and Jasin.

The state of Melaka is a land of polyglot where it is popular with varieties of populations such as Malays, Chinese, and Indians, Straits-born Chinese known as Peranakan, Straits-born Indians known as Chitty, Portuguese descendants and Eurasians. These populations have given a great impact in raising our state into a rich mix of cultures as well as cuisines.

With the glorious past hidden behind each façade, Melaka has become the city that boasts a two-pronged development via industrialization and tourism. Melaka has attracted foreign investors from all over the world to make an investment and cooperation for all kinds of industries. These have give a great impact and admirable success where more than 500 manufacturing and developing factories from Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, United States and more had stated their factories in Melaka. It has offers a wide range of job opportunities and knowledge expansions to our citizens and these could lead to Melaka achievement towards the status of Melaka 2010.

Beside the development of Melaka’s economy and tourism, the state-of-the-art education in Melaka is the key contributor for the success of Melaka. Education and Information Technology have played the main role in improving the growth in this historical city. As a fast growing state, Melaka government has given the fully support with highly advanced in its education system where it will continue to endorse an enhancement education via sophisticated multimedia technology. In addition, with the overseas education programs, a number of foreign students are attracted to further their studies in Melaka where the education systems may provide a sufficient and endorsement in the institutions.

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